Blue Water Cycling 2013 … Team TREFOR Blue Water 2014

During 2013 I had the pleasure of following Blue Water Cycling Team during some of their most important Danish road races over the season. And also Lasse Norman Hansens debut at the professional 6-days race as one half of Team No. 7. Below are links to the shots I got travelling with the team and following preparations for the races, as well as during the races, of course.

In 2014 I’m lucky to have been invited back by the new combined Team Trefor – Blue Water, and are looking forward to following their hard work during this exciting season towards one of their major goals – which has already been announced –  To be selected as one of 3 Danish UCI Continental teams for the Post Danmark Rundt 2014 in August. Se more details on Post Danmark Rundt at their Website

(Team TREFOR Blue Water presentation in Kolding HERE )











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