2016 Post Danmarks Mini 6-dages løb

Sådan bestiller du:

Web-fil* til ikke-kommerciel brug: 135 DKK  (Mobile Pay 125,-)
Fil i høj opløsning (printbar) til ikke-kommerciel brug: 285 DKK (Mobile Pay 275,-)

Mobile Pay: 2544 7782
Bankoverførsel: kontakt mig
(Pris er pr. stk. og inkl. moms – husk at angive en e-mail adresse i Mobile Pay el bank-overførsel)

How to order

jpg-files, per e-mail – no watermark, HIGH resolution for both print & web or WEB resolution only for web

1. POINT/CLICK on your photo(s) and note the photo number(s) (AJU_????) appearing

2. PAY & ORDER below
Your photo(s) will be sent to the e-mail address you state in the form – within 48 hrs of payment


Choose file type
Photo No(s)

*Web resolution  = 1200 px / 72dpi 
**High resolution = -optimized for high quality print up to 20×30 cm (300dpi) also suitable for web-use



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